Harrowing Flight from Da Nang

Vietnam  (S)  Vietnamese Army   LeavingWe remember the pictures of the last horrifying 1975 flights out of Saigon, but Da Nang? A disgusting picture of South Vietnamese deserting soldiers shoving aside women and children to fight their way aboard a rescue flight. The stampede was so awful that the plane couldn’t close its boarding stairs, and took off with men dangling from its wings, baggage holes and wheel wells. The desperadoes who couldn’t clamber aboard fired shots and damaged the plane as it took off. Of the 268 who finally were in the cabin at takeoff, 5 were women and there were 2 or 3 small children. The rest were thugs trying to save their own skins.

A CBS video report by Bruce Dunning that was voted by Columbia University’s School of Journalism one of the 100 best pieces of reporting by its graduates in this, the school’s centennial year.

You got to see this to believe it!

Watch the video here:
1975: The Last Flight from Da Nang