Women War Reporters: WWII

THE FIVE O’CLOCK FOLLIES tells the fictional story of the next generation of pioneering female freelance reporters and war correspondents during the Vietnam War.

The best documentary ever made about trailblazing female war reporters and writers is NO JOB FOR A WOMAN: THE WOMEN WHO FOUGHT TO REPORT WWII. This fascinating film highlights the work of famed photographer Dickey Chapelle, magazine writer Martha Gellhorn and wire service reporter Ruth Cowan. NO JOB FOR A WOMAN shows us how they fought against all odds for their right to report on WWII and suffered the consequences. Their success changed the face of war reporting and the very stories we see and hear from war zones today.

Here’s the three-minute movie trailer:

Can you guess what famous actress is the narrative voice of NO JOB FOR A WOMAN? (scroll down for the answer*)

And here’s a brief clip from this must-see film:

As you can see from THE FIVE O’CLOCK FOLLIES subtitle, WHAT’S A WOMAN DOING HERE ANYWAY?, the attitude of male correspondents toward toward women didn’t change much in the quarter century following the pioneering work of Dickey Chapelle, Martha Gellhorn, Ruth Cowan and the other brave women who reported WWII.

* The film is wonderfully narrated by Julianne Margulies, the Emmy Award® winning star of THE GOOD WIFE.