Killing of Journalists Should be a War Crime: AP CEO

President and CEO of the Associated Press Gary Pruitt delivered a speech at the Hong Kong Foreign Correspondents’ Club on Monday. He stated that it should be a war crime for journalists to be killed in the line of duty– in the same way that it is a war crime to kill Red Cross volunteers.

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Homage to Those who Take the Risks

HOMAGE TO THOSE WHO TAKE THE RISKS, and to those who fall:
From Nicholas Kristof
In Darfur once … my interpreter said: We’ve just got to go. If they catch us, they’ll hold you for ransom. But they’ll just shoot me.

Syrian Death Toll

Marie Colvin

Marie Colvin

Things have gotten so bad for journalists in Syria that The Sunday Times of London is refusing to accept freelancers photographs from the conflict. According to the Committee to Protect Journalists in a Feb. 6 posting, the paper for which American Marie Colvin was working when she was killed last year in Homs, doesn’t want to encourage those willing to risk their lives to get the story out. The site reports that 28 journalists were killed in Syria “in combat or targeted for murder by government or opposition forces,” as of mid-December, 2012. CPJ says two more have so far been killed this year in Syria.
CPJ quotes Paul Wood, a BBC Middle East correspondent who covered Iraq and numerous other wars, as saying the Syrian conflict “is the most difficult one we’ve done.” Bashar al-Assad’s government sought to cut off the flow of information by barring entry to international reporters, forcing Wood and many other international journalists to travel clandestinely into Syria to cover the conflict. “We’ve hidden in vegetable trucks, been chased by Syrian police—things happen when you try to report covertly.”